10 Benefits of Dua

Dua is a beautiful way to meditate and connect to Allah (SWT). It’s translated as invocation…in other words, it is a supplication. In Islam, to make supplication, is really to call out to God, to seek guidance, help, and forgiveness or to give thanks. Karaz’s Mira explores the benefits of dua, based on hadith’s collected from the community. 

Dua is the very essence of worship—at least, that’s what our Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) has been reported to have said.

So why is dua so great? Well, here’s a list from those who, throughout time, have reported the benefits of dua as having been said from the Prophet himself.

1. “Dua is worship”

2. “In the court of Allah, there is no greater thing than dua”

3. “For whoever the door of duaa opened, for him the doors of mercy are opened. Whatever duaa is asked from Allah the best duaa is for well-being and safety among them.”

4. “Duaa turns away destiny and good deeds lengthen age.”

5. “Three duaas are such in which there is no doubt of their acceptance: 1) Father’s duaa 2) Traveler’s duaa 3) Duaa of the oppressed”

6. “When anyone of you does duaa then don’t say “Oh Allah! Forgive me if you want”, “Have mercy on me if you want”, “Give me subsistence if you wish” rather believe completely that HE will do whatever HE wishes. Nobody can force HIM.”

7. “Every Prophet had a special duaa which is accepted in the court of Allah. All Prophets were in quick in their duaas. On the day of Judgment, for the intercession of my Ummah, I have saved my duaa. My duaa will reach to every person in my ummah, who did not make any partners with Allah.”

8. “Duaa for a person not present is accepted quickly by Allah.”

9. “Whoever does duaa to Allah, Allah fulfills his seeking or in exchange averts misfortune until the duaa is not related to sin or breaking some relation.”

10. “Your Rab is modest and kind. A person raise his hands in HIS court and HE leave them empty, Allah shies from it

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