10 Guidelines for Gender Relations in Islam Pt. 2

Gender relations have become more and more of a tricky course to navigate in this day and age. With social media, co-ed schools, mixed work places and so on… it is inevitable to mix. And many wonder, how can you get to know someone while still staying within the guidelines of Islam? Well, Karaz’s Mira has put together a few guidelines to follow in this two-part series. 

6. No Touching

God tells us, “And do not come near unlawful sexual intercourse.” It’s easy for things to escalate. Touching, even if you think it’s harmless, can quickly entice desire, and increase temptation…making it harder to stop yourself from doing something you might regret. If you really want to stay the course, avoid all routes and work on developing an emotional and intellectual bond.

7. Cultural Context

Be respectful of other’s personal space, opinions, and lifestyles. Muslims are different. Depending on where you grew up, how you were raised, what culture you lived in… people have different perspectives. It is a beautiful thing. But at the same time, you have to respect that what you might think is OK, isn’t so for others. Consider other’s backgrounds, and really get to know them and where their boundaries lie, lest you cross it unknowingly and insult someone in the process.

8. Watch Your Tongue

What you say is important. Words are very valuable, and can be used for good and for bad. So be careful about what you say, and how you say it. Be respectful, be thoughtful, be honest and straightforward—be of good character. Intention affects tone of voice, which affects communication. If you have good intentions, then the rest should be easy. Careful about being flirty, or on the flipside, being rude and dismissive. Consideration and understanding go a long way.

9. Be Safe

Always think ahead and plan for various scenarios. If you really want to avoid certain things, then have backup plans. This means be careful about having an buddy with you at all times, or stay in groups, or careful about what you put online.

10. Think Long Term

Marriage is a noble pursuit. And Islam is a religion of love…so do it right. Working within the principles Islam lays out, to really get to know someone emotionally and intellectually, and forming a bond that you both feel is worthy of marriage, is a great thing. With good intentions, purpose, and efforts to try your best with gender relations…hopefully you will be able to foster relationships that are full of love, and are good for both parties, as well as the families and larger society at large.

This article expresses the opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Karaz