10 Things You Learn When You Move In With Your Husband

Moving in sounds awesome. You finally have the freedom to create your own lives, to move to your own rhythm, to play house for real. But just remember, there will be some weird things you discover along the way. Karaz’s Yasmine shares a few.

1. He Likes His Schedule

Some guys are spontaneous. Others aren’t. Most can appreciate a good surprise here and there. Either way, guys like their schedules. There are certain ‘rituals’ he needs to be consistent. So once you figure out what those things are, work around them—don’t disrupt them.

2. Your Parents Care More Than His

A girl’s parents are almost always more worried about how you’re doing and coping than his will be. Moms will always give you advice on how to deal with “married life”. Take it in stride, learn from their experiences, and set boundaries—they don’t or shouldn’t need to know every detail of what’s going on in your house.

3. Cooking and Cleaning Are Limited Skills for Him

He’s probably more or less been spoiled in this area of life, or he has learned to deal by living off of a microwave, half-dirty mug and kinda-clean clothes. Manage your expectations, and try to develop some “house rules” to make things easier on yourself.

4. His Razor Is Awesome

Men’s razors for some reason are a lot better than ours. The good news is, now when you live together, if you’re ever in a “jam”, you have a great resource. Your razor-buying days could be over.

5. He Will Not Always Hit The Target

Pee drops on your toilet seat will become a reality. It sucks, but they’re not always good with their aim. Again, “toilet rules” here are a necessary thing because we all know that most of the time, they’re not going to be the ones remembering to clean it up.

6. Farting Becomes Funny

Unless they give you a gag reflex and smell like a grave full of zombies live in his butt. But those harmless farts, that you’re so scared of, will eventually become funny. Because hey, he’s going to hear yours eventually one day too.

What weird things have you delightfully discovered after moving in? 

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