15 Benefits of Prayer in Islam

Prayer is one of the most important pillars in Islam. Not only is it a ritual of practice, but also a means to connect spiritually, and form a relationship with God while always keeping the bigger picture in mind. Based on the book by Sheikh Al Islam Ibn Al Qayyim, Karaz’s Yousef lists 15 benefits of praying. 

benefits of prayer in islam

Allah has said, “Seek help in patience and in prayer! Verily, Allah is with those who are patient”.

Here are the benefits of prayer in islam, according to Sheikh Ibn Al Qayyam:

1. Prayer is food for the soul

2. Prayer protects against the Devil

3. Prayer illuminates the heart

4. Prayer repels catastrophes

5. Prayer increases blessings

6. Prayer opens you up to insight and relief

7. Prayer keeps you active

8. Prayer strengthens your heart

9. Prayer illuminates one’s countenance

10. Prayer safeguards physical health

11. Prayer rids one of laziness, and develops discipline

12. Prayer helps repel harmful things

13. Prayer safeguards your blessings

14. Prayer opens you to receiving sustenance

15. Prayer draws you closer to Allah, The Most Merciful

What other benefits do you feel prayer holds?

This article expresses the opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Karaz