3 Great Pregnancy Sex Positions

Pregnancy is an exciting and frustrating time for many couples. While you’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of your child, you may find that relations with your spouse slow and can even be difficult. While one minute you may find yourself raging at your husband, the next you may be tearing his clothes off in a fit of pregnancy hormone-driven lust.

pregnancy sex positions

Unfortunately, those hormones may not get under control until you’re far into your pregnancy, which means you might not feel like getting frisky until your swollen belly presents a physical challenge. Instead of writing off sex for the 9 months that you’re with child, try these pregnancy-friendly positions to have fun with your husband without hurting yourself.

The Policeman

The policeman gets its name from the position of the woman. When in this position, the woman initially appears ready to be pat-down, like she’s the criminal and the husband is the police officer. To begin, the woman faces a wall, with her hands up, touching the wall to support her weight. Her legs should be spread a comfortable distance apart. The husband can then approach from behind and hold onto the wife’s hips for control. This is a great position for role playing as well.

Leap Frog

 The classic childhood game takes a naughty twist for couples looking to find a comfortable prenatal sex position. This move is a modified doggy style position. Once the woman is on all fours, she can rest her arms and face on the bed or a pillow. Additional pillows can be positioned under the belly for added support. The man enters from behind, holding the woman’s hips for support.

Lap Top

 The laptop is a great choice, whether pregnant or not. The move requires the use of an armless chair that’s capable of holding the combined weight of the couple. To do this move, the man sits in the chair, and the woman sits on his lap, facing away from him. This position gives control over to the woman, allowing her to control the speed and depth for her comfort.

The next time you’re feeling frisky, give these positions a try. You’ll be amazed at how comfortable and enjoyable sex can be, regardless of how far along you are in pregnancy. Having sex with your spouse during pregnancy is a great way to bond, relieve stress and even help speed along labor. Try all three positions and see which one is your favorite!

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