3 Kama Sutra Sex Positions You Must Try

Married couples can get bored with the same sex routine, so it’s important to mix things up in the sheets once in a while. Instead of keeping your bedroom routine vanilla, why not take a few tips from the Kama Sutra and inject a little excitement into your life?

kama sutra

The Kama Sutra was compiled between the first and fourth centuries, and these tried and true positions have been bringing couples pleasure for thousands of years. If you’re new to the Kama Sutra, try these 3 positions and see what you’ve been missing out on.

1. Lotus Bloom

If you value being close to your partner, you’ll love the Lotus Bloom position. To do this position, the man sits with his legs straight out in front of him. If your space is small, his legs can also be bent at the knees. The woman sits on top of the man’s lap, facing him, and wraps her legs around his lower waist. Next, the man uses his hands to support himself, while the woman holds onto the man’s shoulders. The two partners can move together to reach new heights of excitement.

This fun position allows the man to have access to his partner’s body while achieving deeper penetration. He can also hold his wife, giving her the closeness and affection she craves.

2. Butterfly Position

For couples looking for deeper penetration or help conceiving, the Butterfly Position is perfect. To do this move, the woman lies on her back on a table that’s roughly waist-height. The man steps between the woman’s feet and raises her hips up with his hands. A small pillow tucked below the hips can help support the wife’s weight. The husband then enters and thrusts.

The Butterfly Position offers a great visual for the man, and he can gauge his wife’s facial expressions to determine what she likes the best. It also positions sperm close to the cervix and maximizes odds of fertilization.

3. Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain is like a variation of doggy style. To achieve this position, the woman stands on her hands and knees. The man then bends over the woman and enters her from behind. The position can be more intimate by hugging while you have sex. Pillows can be used to help support the woman’s upper body. For a deeper penetration, the woman can bend slightly downward, keeping her posterior in the air.

Many couples like this position since it stimulates the clitoris and is thought to be a good position for conceiving. Others find it uncomfortable because the degree of penetration can be a bit painful if the male is too well endowed.

There are countless ways to have sex with your spouse. If you’re looking for new ways to bring excitement to your bedroom, consider the Kama Sutra as a guide. Master these 3 positions and soon you and your partner will be masters of the bedroom.

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