3 MORE KamaSutra Positions For You to Try

If you're getting tired of the same old routine in the bedroom, it’s time to grab your spouse and change things up. The Kama Sutra is an ancient textbook outlining the different positions spouses can try to have a varied and exciting sex life.

3 MORE KamaSutra Positions For You to Try

If you’re looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom, try out these 3 KamaSutra positions tonight.

1. Erotic V

For the athletic couple, the Erotic V is a must-try position. To start, have the woman sit down on the edge of a table. The man will stand in front of her, then lift her legs over his shoulders while she holds the top of his arms or the sides of his neck. The husband may need to bend his legs so that he’s in a comfortable position to enter. The wife now leans back, so her arms are outstretched, forming a V shape with her body where her back is the right side of the V and her legs are the left. The husband can hold the wife’s body and direct the thrusting.

2. The Fantastic Rocking Horse

The Fantastic Rocking Horse is a favorite position amongst husbands throughout the world. The simple position provides a great view for the man while the wife does all the work. To do the Fantastic Rocking Horse, the husband sits in a cross-legged position and leans back on his arms. The wife kneels over the husband’s lap, hugging him with her thighs. She lowers herself down onto her husband and does a bouncing motion to complete the task. While she’s bouncing, her chest is level with his eyes. The position also works with the husband leaning against a wall or the edge of the bed to free his hands for exploration or assisting his wife with movement.

3. The Catherine Wheel

The Catherine Wheel is one of the most advanced positions in the Kama Sutra. The position requires the use of a floor or other large, hard surface. To start, the husband and wife should face each other. The wife will wrap her legs around her husband’s mid-section. He will then penetrate his wife from the seated position, shifting his weight to either the right or left hip. The non-weight bearing side of his body is draped over the wife’s midsection. The complicated position resembles two partners tangled on the floor, but provides excellent views for both people.

Try these fun sex positions with your spouse today and spice up your love life. Keeping things exciting in the bedroom is one way to ensure you have a long and happy marriage

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