3 Romantic Weekend Getaways

The Middle East is home to a number of ancient towns, breathtaking scenery and rich cultures. The area has long been a draw to people from around the world and for those living in the Middle East, a romantic weekend getaway is just around the corner. Check out these 3 romantic weekend getaways and surprise your spouse with a brief trip to relax and focus on the two of you.


1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is one of the newest cities in the Middle East. It is the leader of the United Arab Emirates and features a number of striking hotels in the desert oasis. The futuristic buildings are bordered by expansive deserts, clear waters and numerous natural wonders. The young city is awash with life and offers plenty of things to do for couples.

For those with a love of city life, a tour of the city will unveil a vast collection of wonders. Dubai is known for its avant-garde architecture and luxury design. Giant shopping malls and attractions build for tourism are common. Many buildings, particularly the seaside resorts, have built-in gardens and pristine white sand beaches.

After you’re done taking in the sites, relax in one of the cities many luxury hotels. There are also plenty of upscale restaurants serving cuisine from around the world. A weekend trip to Dubai is one that you and your spouse won’t soon forget.

2.) Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale is Turkey’s premier mineral-bath spa. The natural beauty is rich with calcium that comes from spring water deep within the earth. As the water cools, it forms travertines of hard, white calcium that forms not pools. Locals call Pamukkale “The Cotton Fortress”. It was designed by the Romans and remains to this day. Visitors may swim in the waters for a fee.

When you’re done swimming in the rejuvenating waters of Pamukkale with your spouse, go for a sight-seeing adventure through the city or take a trip to the Aegean coast. The city of Aphrodisias, named after the goddess of love is not far and can be a romantic adventure for any couple. There are numerous hotels nearby as well as restaurants, shopping and bus ticket offices.

3. The Dead Sea, Palestine

The Dead Sea is located on the eastern edge of Palestine. It is located in the middle of a desert and many people are surprised that the rolling sand hills are so near the water. The body of water gets its unique name because there is no life in the Dead Sea. The high salinity prevents creatures from being able to survive, resulting in a curiously empty body of water.

For those that can get over the shock, a swim in the Dead Sea can be too much to resist. The Dead Sea has an incredibly high salt content and is over 8 times saltier than the ocean. The Dead Sea is incredibly easy to float in because of its high salt content. Where the water meets the sand, balls of salt often form.

After experiencing the Dead Sea, head over to one of the nearby hotels and enjoy a fine meal. Married couples will also enjoy the luxurious hotels that can be found within a short distance and the rich culture of the nearby area that incorporates food and tradition from many of the locals.

Going on a romantic weekend getaway can be just the break you and your spouse need to rekindle the relationship and start a new chapter in your lives. Consider one of the 3 destinations above the next time you’re looking for somewhere to take your spouse.

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