3 Things Men Do Wrong in the Beginning of a Relationship

Men can be clueless. Unfortunately, there’s no clearer example of this than when a man first enters a relationship. The beginning of any relationship is an important time, and often the first impression you make on a prospective partner determines how far the relationship will go. It’s important not to ruin things for yourself by making the wrong move.

3 Things Men Do Wrong in the Beginning of a Relationship

For many men, what exactly constitutes the wrong move is a mystery, meaning there are plenty of errors made in the first days and weeks of getting to know a woman. Check out these 3 things men do wrong in the beginning of a relationship and see if you’re guilty of any of them.

1. Stalk their partner on social media

In today’s world, social media is a normal part of everyday life. Unfortunately, that means many men take to Facebook, Twitter and other social sites as soon as they start seeing a woman to begin a sort of fact-finding mission. If he’s not a computer whiz, he’s likely to leave traces of his online antics behind, alerting the new lady in his life to his stalkerish tendencies. Avoid friend requesting your new squeeze before you are an established couple, and always check with her first before changing your relationship status. You should also avoid questioning her about photos posted to her profile years ago, or any erroneous information you may glean by reading up on her social background. If you want to know something, go straight to the source.

2. Not being a gentleman

Rule number one of dating is to always act like a gentleman. This is the best time to bring out the manners. Hold doors, stand when she stands and offer a guiding hand in crowds. Take her comfort into mind when the night turns chilly and never ask too personal of questions before you know her. Your good manners will impress your date and make her feel like you value her. Men that forego the manners not only make their dates feel unvalued, they also put off the wrong impression regarding their level of interest. Treating your date like a friend, rather than someone you are romantically interested in is a dangerous decision. You may find yourself in the friend zone and you may wind up missing out on a great potential wife. The good manners you exhibit now will set the stage for your entire relationship, so make sure to assert yourself as the protector and gentleman she’s always wanted and not the brother she never had.

3. Acting possessive

Men are naturally protective of their girlfriends and wives. Unfortunately, there’s a fine line between protective and possessive. If you’ve been dating a woman for 5 minutes and her phone buzzes with a text from Yousef, it’s probably not a good idea to grab her phone and demand answers. Acting too possessive can scare a woman off, so over reacting about a text from her brother, uncle or friend can destroy a new relationship. Remember that protective can be good, but possessive is always bad. Make her want to be with you and you’ll never have a reason to be jealous. Instead of demanding answers every time her phone buzzes, make a benign statement like, “Do you need to answer that?” and she’ll probably explain.

These three common mistakes can irreversibly damage a fledgling relationship. Make sure to avoid them at all costs and you’ll never risk running off the woman of your dreams.

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