3 Tips on How to be a Dominant Sex Partner

Knowing how to be dominant in the bedroom is something that both men and women should learn. While most traditional-minded men prefer to have dominance in the relationship, every man likes to occasionally give control over to his wife when it comes to the bedroom. If the idea of being dominant is intimidating, these 3 tips will help you get the upper hand when you need it the most.

how to be a dominant sex partner

1. Choose a dominant sexual position

In order to be dominant, you need to feel dominant and the easiest way to do that is to choose the right position. If you’re a man, missionary and doggy style will give you the most control. Both of these positions make the female the subordinate, giving control of depth and pace to the man. If you’re a female trying to be dominant, try woman-on-top. That way, you’ll be calling all the shots.

2. be vocal and issue commands

Another way to assert dominance is to use your voice. Start out slowly, with easy verbal commands, like “close your eyes” or “put your hands here”. Once you and your partner are comfortable, work up to bigger commands, until your partner is under your verbal control.

Keep in mind that if the woman is the one issuing the commands, the husband may feel emasculated at first. If that’s the case, it’s okay to give back a little bit of the control and take things slower. Some women aren’t comfortable giving their husbands vocal commands, in which case requests can also be effective. Try small requests like, “Can you close your eyes for me?” or “Could you hold me this way?” The result will still be the same, with you being the dominant partner, but the method of achieving the results will be softer.

3. Make eye contact

It’s very hard to be a dominant sex partner if you’re shy and won’t make eye contact. Any command you give or request you make is instantly more effective if you make eye contact with your spouse. Even just looking them in the eye during foreplay can set the bar for who is the dominant partner.

Being a dominant sex partner doesn’t always mean physically overpowering your spouse. Dominance is equal parts mental and physical. Knowing how to be dominant in the bedroom and get what you want can make your relationship stronger. Dominance requires good communication and trust, two key components of any relationship. The next time you’re intimate with your spouse, try some of these tips and see how effective they can be.

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