3 Unusual Positions That Hit the Spot (for her)

If you're like most married men, you probably want to make sure your wife enjoys your love life just as much as you do. If you're having trouble finding just the right position to hit that special spot, try one of these 3 unusual positions that are guaranteed to give your wife an orgasm.

unusual positions

1. Advanced froggy style

Entering your wife from behind can be an incredibly exciting experience for both of you. The trick to this position is to have her lie on the bed, flat, rather than on her knees. Place a soft pillow under the lower part of her stomach to elevate her pelvis and then lie down on top of her. Now, move your upper body as high as it can go. By doing this, you’ll hit the top of the inside wall, a highly sensitive area in most women.

This position not only feels great, but also puts the husband in complete control of the speed and intensity. Use that to your advantage, drawing out the connection for as long as you like.

2. Modified missionary

The missionary position is most couples’ go-to position, and it gets a bad rap for being boring. However, with a simple modification, the classic position can become one of the best for hitting the spot. As a bonus, your wife will also get the face-to-face intimacy she craves, making the experience even more enjoyable for both of you.

All you need to do is use a pillow to prop up her lower back. Next, place her legs on your shoulders and then hold her lower back as you make love. This will have you hitting the top of her, giving intense pleasure.

3. Seated, back leaning girl on top

To achieve this position, you’ll need to take a seat. Literally. Once sitting, invite your wife to straddle your lap. Have her keep her feet facing forward and then ask her to lean back. As she leans back, you start to move. This position will have you in the perfect alignment to hit her most pleasurable spot.

These three unusual positions are all just adaptations of more common positions. Try them all and experience the joy of the physical wonders of marriage.

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