4 Reasons Why Kitchen Sex Can be Fun

For couples, finding new ways to spice up lovemaking can be a real challenge. Once you've tried every position in the bedroom, it’s time to branch out into other areas of the home. Variety is the spice of life and taking your lovemaking to a new location can bring back the mystery and excitement your partnership may be missing.

Kitchen sex

 If your spouse is up for it, give sex in the kitchen a try. Read on for 4 reasons why sex in the kitchen can be fun for everyone.

1. Easy access to accessories

Sex is closely linked to the senses and taste is no exception. If you choose to make love in the kitchen, you’ll have access to all types of sensory treats including whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate and more. Pick out a few of your favorite treats and incorporate them into your lovemaking. Since you’re already in the kitchen, it shouldn’t be hard to grab and go.

2. There’s a table or a counter

If you enjoy positions that involve little work and a lot of pleasure, the kitchen is a must-try location in your home. Have your wife lean over the counter or the table and enter from behind. The surfaces are probably about waist-height, making them ideal for lovemaking. Without any bending or straining, the sex can last longer without the husband getting tired. As a bonus, the cool surface can add an extra layer of sensory stimulation for the wife.

3. It’s spontaneous

Sex in the bedroom is usually planned since it’s not somewhere that you spend a lot of time on a normal basis. Sex in the kitchen can be spontaneous, which adds to the excitement and fun. Interrupt your wife while she cooks dinner or reward your husband for helping with the dishes by getting down and dirty in the kitchen. The excitement of a new location and spontaneity of the encounter will remind you of when you were first married.

4. It’ll get the adrenaline pumping

The easiest way to increase your pleasure and enjoy sex more is to have an adrenaline rush. Having sex in the kitchen is considered naughty because it’s open and someone could walk in. There’s usually windows that aren’t fully covered and other risks. Just the rush of making love in a new and unfamiliar spot will get your adrenaline pumping, making the encounter more pleasurable and more memorable for both partners.

If you’ve never had sex in the kitchen, it’s about time to give it a try. Grab your spouse, head to the kitchen and discover together what you’ve been missing out on.

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