4 Reasons why you should be content with your breast size

It’s important to love yourself, and that includes loving the body you were born with. In today’s world, plastic surgery to fix imagined flaws is common, especially breast augmentation in women. Before you think about going under the knife, read these 5 reasons why you should be content with your breast size. You might find that getting implants is suddenly a lot less important.

breast size

1. Your husband likes you the way you are

Even if you aren’t sure about your breasts, your husband is. He likes them just the way they are, whether they’re large, small, perky or showing wear from breastfeeding your children. No matter what size or shape they are, your husband loves them and so should you.

2. They’re the right size for your body

If you’re not feeding an infant, breasts are mostly just fat. The bigger they are, the more fat there is. Most women wear most of their fat on their waist, though of course, some are programmed to keep it in their chest. For the majority of women, small to average breasts are actually a sign of good health caused by maintaining a healthy weight over a long period of time. As a bonus, those with small to medium size busts won’t experience the same back pains as their friends that are better endowed.

3. They are a physical reminder of the life you have led so far

Before your family, your breasts were probably smaller and firmer. Nursing an infant requires a larger bust to accommodate milk production. Post-children women tend to have slightly smaller breasts that are not as firm as they were before child rearing. Your breasts are basically a map of your life, so wear them with pride.

4. Natural is always safer than artificial breasts

Women that are unhappy with their breasts often think surgery is the answer to their problems. Very few contemplate the risk and long-term health effects of surgery. Natural breasts don’t come with the same risk of rupture, infection or leakage that artificial breasts come with. Remember, no implant will last 50 years or more, so if you have an augmentation done when you’re young, odds are that you’ll experience problems and possibly need them re-done before you die.

The next time you’re feeling unhappy with your bust, remember these 5 reasons that you should be content with your breasts. You may find that changing your attitude is as simple as being grateful for the things you have and not trying to achieve someone else’s idea of perfection.

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