4 Text Messages Your Wife Would Love to Receive

Women love the feeling of being appreciated, missed and wanted; so surprising your wife with random text messages throughout the day is such a small gesture that can go a long way.

text messages your wife would love

Here are 4 text messages your wife would love to receive randomly throughout her day and would most likely put a huge cheesy smile on her face.

Just Checking in

Here is one of those small things that really matter. Sending your wife a random message to check up on her shows her that you were thinking about her. Ask her how her day is going or what she did this morning, it’ll make her happy and help bridge that gap while you are apart.

You’re Beautiful

Everyone loves being complimented, and getting a text message that says “you’re beautiful” is like gold. Woo her again as you did in the very beginning of the relationship, send her a picture of the two of you when you first went on a date or something memorable along with a caption saying how much you love her will make her feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Surprise her!  Send her a text telling her not to cook and that you want to take her out to dinner is like a double whammy! Don’t reveal too much information in the text, plan something thoughtfully, pick out her favorite restaurant (make sure you have a reservation and do not have to wait) and end the evening with an activity she loves whether it’s a romantic stroll together holding each others hands under the starry night, or going to a romantic comedy at the cinema.

Mild Sexting

You are married after all, and there is no shame in daydreaming about your wife. Send her a little taste of how you are feeling and what you want to do to her tonight. Role Playing is great for foreplay as women need more emotional stimulation than men, sexting just unleashes her wild imagination and builds up the excitement.

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