4 Things Women Do That Ruin Relationships

There are things we, as women, do that might ruin a relationship. It’s not that we do them on purpose, but sometimes, women have a way of thinking and communicating, that isn’t understood by men…and worse, sometimes interpreted for the worse. So what are these things? Karaz’s Yasmin sheds some light on these classic mistakes.

Asking, “What are you thinking?”

We love to ask, “what are you thinking?” when we see our guy staring out into nothing. But sometimes, they’re actually just zoned out. Guys do that. But by overanalyzing, assuming it’s something bad, or thinking that’s he’s shutting you out can cause issues. Sometimes, when he says nothing…he means nothing. Let it be.

Not Enough Space

Women think that leaving stuff around, using his things, wearing his clothes…it’s cute. I mean, sharing is caring, and you’re together right? Well, some guys see that as an invasion of space. Men need space. The more you “crowd” him, the more he will feel suffocated and want to pull back. Don’t be sensitive, don’t take it personally, and give him his space.

Reliving The Past

Curiosity is dangerous. Some things should be left in the past. Asking about his old rendezvous is an invitation to hurt, a comparison, a competition that you don’t need, and that doesn’t exist. Let the past, stay in the past.

Keeping Him From His Buddies

Of course you want time with him, you want to be intimate, you want to do things together all the time. But, when you take too much time and energy, it leaves him less time with his friends. A balance is the key to a better relationship, and being able to miss you a little and have that space, is really important to him—as it should be for you too. 

Women, what else do you think you do? Men, what do you say? 

This article expresses the opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Karaz