The 411 on Pregnancy Sex

So, you have a baby on the way, your hormones are going berserk, and you want sex. NOW. Is having sex while you’re pregnant safe? Luckily for you, it generally is--unless, of course, your doctor advises against it. Karaz’s Mey, has gathered some information on pregnancy sex.

Going over a speed bump too fast could make you orgasm, but lets face it, you don’t exactly feel your sexiest right now. According to Women’s Health Magazine men are naturally more attracted to pregnant women because, aside from the copious breasts and that new glow, it is the ultimate sign of fertility.

Ladies, relax. Men, be patient and understanding with your partner because pregnancy takes a toll on women. Instead of completely forgetting about sex, help her relax and make her feel as sexy as you see her. Vanilla is a known natural aphrodisiac, so prepare a French Vanilla bubble bath for her and maybe she’ll let you slip into the tub with her.

Now that you’re both all over each other (you’re welcome), her huge belly in between the two of you could make things a little tricky. Through some research and talking to a few of my mom-friends, I figured out the best positions for pregnant couples to still have mind blowing sex.


The standard missionary option won’t last very long, so the Girl-On-Top is more ideal because you won’t be lying on your back or have direct pressure on your baby belly. You can stay in bed with this position or use a chair. The best part with this position is that you are in control of the speed and penetration depth.


Lie on your side with your partner behind you. Unlike Girl-On-Top, this makes for a more shallow penetration, but you’ll be a little more comfortable. Another advantage of spooning is that it allows you to be more intimate.


Lie on your back at the edge of the bed (or table) with your partner standing up facing you and your legs open and knees bent. Another take on this modified-missionary position is to place your feet on his chest while he enters you.

Just because you’re pregnant and haven’t seen your feet in a while, doesn’t mean you can’t have your fun. Experiment, but stay within your comfort zone during pregnancy and save anything a little crazy until after the baby is born. Have fun, but be careful!

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