5 Cancers That Affect Men

The C word. It’s scary just thinking about it. But it’s always, always better to be safe than sorry, and take care of your body. Especially when it comes to Cancer. That’s why Karaz’s Jad gathered a quick low down on the six common cancers that hit men, what their early signs might be, what else it could be, and what to do about it. 


Early Signs: If you see blood in your urine, you should always get it checked. No matter how old you are. Yes, if you’re under 60 years old, it could just be kidney stones. But check anyway. Bladder cancer affects the lining only usually, and if caught early can be beaten according to the experts.

Alternate Explanation: An infection.

What To Do: A scope through the penis to look at the bladder, plus a urine test that detects cancer cells.


Early Signs: Blood in your poop. Never, ever ignore it. Even if it just happened one time. It could be a sign of a precancerous polyp leaking blood, which could the only early warning sign you get. Most of the time, there are no signs.

Alternate Explanation: If you’re under 50, it can be hemorrhoids, colitis, abnormal blood vessel, or something else. Still, see the doctor ASAP.

What To Do: Get a colonoscopy to allow the doctor to see what problems might be there, or if there are polyps if they need to be removed.


Early Signs: Unfortunately, most of the time lung cancer doesn’t give you warning signs. But if you have a cough that wont go away, pain in your chest, or if you cough up blood, then see your doctor as soon as possible.

Alternate Explanation: Pneumonia, which looks like a tumor on x-rays, but you’ll need to re-test in 4-6 weeks. 

What To Do: Get a biopsy to make sure.


Early Signs: Lymphoma is the cancer of the lymph nodes. They’re located in your armpits, neck and groin. They can swell with infections, but if the swelling doesn’t go down in a week, then you need to get it looked at. Also, if you lost a lot of weight in 1-2 months, if the areas feel painful, or if it swells and itches—then it could be cause for concern.

Alternate Explanation: It could be an infection.

What To Do: A blood test that can sometimes pick up information, but also get a biopsy to be 100% safe.


Early Signs: Usually no early signs.

Alternate Explanations: Urination problems can be scary, but sometimes might actually just be urination problems related to an infection, or other factors and not cancer.

What To Do: Get a regular check up once in a while, and if you are worried then ask your doctor to do a digital rectal exam and biopsy if necessary.

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