5 Great Places to Have Sex Around the House

Karaz’s Shahrazad suggests 5 places to add a little variety to your sex life and explore the little nooks and corners around the house that are perfect for a break in the routine

Having sex is fun…but there is the risk of making it boring if you keep doing the same thing over and over again…in the same place. So in this article, we’re going to give you some ideas on where you can do the sexy dance to spice things up in your relationship, and get out of the bedroom.

1. Laundry Room


The laundry room might not seem like a particularly good space, but there is something in there that’ll take sex to a whole new level. Get on top of the washer or dryer, turn it on and have your man stand facing you while you two enjoy the vibrations go round and round and round and round…

2. Kitchen


Ever had the urge to just jump on your partner? Why not try to use the kitchen counter for something else than you’re used to. And while you’re in there, you can go ahead an incorporate food into the fun…don’t be afraid to get creative!

3. Bathroom


Why not kill two birds with one stone? Showers and tubs are a great place for sex. Play with each other, wash each other’s bodies and give each other a short massage while you’re at it. Wash each other’s hair… this sensual act can be both fun and a great way to introduce a new form of foreplay before you really get into it. Just remember, water dries up natural lubrication, so make sure you have some extra on hand near you so that it is enjoyable for both parties, with no interruptions.

4. Living Room


Living rooms are convenient and comfy places to get busy. If you find yourself getting turned on for whatever reason, don’t feel like you have to make the loonnngg journey to the bedroom. Do it right then and there. Take it to the comfiest couch, or the soft rug on the floor…or even against the wall. Bonus? If you have mirrors, take advantage and watch yourselves doing it. Visuals can do wonders.

5. Roof


If you’re feeling risqué, and you have a hidden spot or no neighbors, then take it to the roof. Enjoy the fresh air and the warmth of each other’s bodies. Bring something comfortable to lie down on, do it romantically and light up candles around you or opt for the moonlight and do it under the stars.

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