5 Lies You’ve Been Told About Sex

People have been having sex since the beginning of time. Like anything that’s been around for a while, there’s a ton of misinformation floating around about it. Unfortunately, because sex is such a taboo topic in society, there’s nobody that can refute these lies and alleviate the worries of the people affected by them.

lies you've been told about sex

 If you’ve ever felt inadequate because of your sex life, you’re not alone. Check out these 5 lies you’ve been told about sex and see if they can help ease any of your worries.

1. Lie: Every woman can orgasm from penetration alone.

Truth: NOT every woman can orgasm from penetration alone. Penetration – particularly in missionary or other front-to-front positions – doesn’t stimulate the clitoris. Most women require clitoral stimulation to orgasm, resulting in a low “finish” rate for many wives. Want to beat the odds? Try mixing up the positions you and your husband use until you find one that hits the spot.

2. Lie: Multiple (male) orgasms can be achieved.

Truth: In theory, multiple male orgasms sounds pretty wonderful, but in reality, it’s nearly impossible. If you do manage this biological feat, you’ll likely be really uncomfortable. To achieve a multi-orgasm sex session, the male would need to be able to separate ejaculation from orgasm, which just isn’t possible biologically. Instead, focus on recovering quickly and treating your wife for a second round.

3. Lie: The average penis size is about 8 inches

Truth: It’s actually closer to 5.5 inches. A condom manufacturer did a comprehensive study on the length of erect men and found the average to be about 5.5 inches. Biologically, this makes sense, since there’s only so much space before you hit the cervix, which can be incredibly uncomfortable.

4. Lie: Having sex too often will stretch your vagina

Truth: Vaginas are built to stretch and having sex more or less frequently won’t make it any bigger or smaller than it used to be. Think of the vagina as a rubber band – it can open wide, then snap right back to the original size.

5. Lie: Men like sex more than women do.

Truth: Men and women can like sex equally. The difference is that women have a harder time getting excited about it than men do. Society has also taught women to hold back when it comes to sex, so your wife’s apparent lack of interest may have more to do with her upbringing than her biology.

Don’t let these lies get in the way of having great sex with your spouse. The best way to have a strong and healthy sexual relationship with your husband or wife is to be open and honest with them. Communication is the key to any successful union.

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