5 of the Most Crazy Fun Wedding Spots

Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable, but it seems like every idea has already been taken. Couples need more than just a spectacular first dance to make their guests really rave about their celebration.

crazy fun wedding spots

If you’ll be tying the knot in the future, consider having your wedding at one of these 5 crazy fun wedding spots so your guests will be talking about your wedding for years to come.

1. Glamping Weekend

If you’re an outdoorsy couple that loves getting into nature, take a page from hipster Matthew McConaughey’s wedding and host a glamping weekend. Glamping combines the outdoorsy aspects of camping with the convenience of a traditional wedding venue. Set up fun teepees, roast some marshmallows and dance under the stars. What could be better?

2. Storybook Castle Wedding

If you fashion yourself to be a bit of a prince or princess, a castle wedding is just what you need to make your fairytale dreams come true. Castles are easier to find and book than you may think, and you probably have a hidden gem nearby. Your castle venue will impress even the finickiest of guests. Arrive in a horse-drawn carriage to complete the fantasy.

3. Underground Wedding

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect above-ground place for your wedding, maybe it’s time to take the party underground. Check out caverns, underground wine cellars and even retro bomb shelters for fun and unique wedding spots. These types of venues are places your guests are unlikely to visit on your own, which will surely make your marriage day one to remember.

4. A Cliffside Wedding

Take your love to new heights with a cliffside wedding. Guests can enjoy amazing views and a bit of a thrill when they watch you say your vows and pledge your lives together on the edge of a cliff. This is the perfect idea for young couple stat enjoy adventure activities.

 5. An Underwater Wedding

For those with a love of the water, an underwater wedding makes sense. Strap on some scuba gear and take the plunge into marriage. Sharing your first kiss as husband and wife under water will surely make for some great stories. Underwater weddings can take place in a large pool, a lake or even the ocean. Some advanced planning will be needed, since the bride, groom, officiant and guests will all need to know how to scuba dive. Make sure your guests and photographer have underwater cameras to capture the moment for posterity.

 Use these ideas to give your wedding an adventurous appeal your guests will love. Non-traditional wedding venues are the latest trend and more couples are focusing on the experience of the wedding instead of the particulars. With the right venue, your wedding is sure to be legendary.

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