5 Positions for a Better Orgasm

Women notoriously take longer to orgasm than men. Sometimes, the regular positions just don’t cut it…and you’re left with an anti-climax instead of what you really want. Karaz’s Sarah suggests 5 positions to try this week for a better orgasm, so that you both reach the finish line happy and ready to do it again.

The X Factor

Missionary is a popular, go-to position. Instead of trying to do something crazy, have your husband enter you in a missionary position style, but to rotate his chest and legs off your body for a new and sensual sensation. So instead of you and him being parallel to each other, his body will be rotated off of yours at a 45-degree angle so that from a birds eye view, you and him look like an X. 

The Chairman

In a seated position, use your husband as a…well, chair. It’ll let him stimulate your G-spot, and your hands will be free to help him along by stimulating yourself at the pace you want. 

Magic Mountain

Sitting facing each other, become connected and rock against your husbands pelvis in this position. It will get you much, much closer to hitting that peak.

Reverse Cowgirl

Cowgirl is when you “ride” your husband while he lies down. This is the same thing, but instead of facing him, face the opposite direction with your back facing him. You get to make all the decisions, and it makes him last longer so neither one of you is in a rush!


Lie on your back with your legs raised in the air, and put them on his shoulders if you need the support. This tightens your vaginal muscles, while also giving your husband easy access to your G-spot, making it easier to reach an orgasm.

Any positions you know of that are great for getting an orgasm? 

This article expresses the opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Karaz