5 reasons why marriage is good for you

Marriage is an important event in anyone’s life. It’s probably one of the biggest commitments one could make. It’s a promise to spend a lifetime with a person. Marriage not only makes two people one but it is actually a bond between two different families. Most bachelors are actually scared of this commitment but just go ahead and ask a couple who is happily married; You will know by the way they look at each other and the way they talk about each other that both of them compliment and complete each other. A happy marriage is a blessing that provides the power to move forward in life as married people have a partner to share feelings with in different phases of life. Karaz’s Jad lists 5 reasons why marriage is good for you. Without any further ado, let’s start.

marriage is good for you

Marriage makes you a better person

Believe it or not but it is true. Ask anyone you know who is happily married and they will tell you this exact thing. Many married couples often tell people that they have changed for the better after marrying the person they love.

Marriage means better financial benefits

If you have a working partner, it will automatically mean that you will have more money coming into your home and that will lead to a better financial condition. Many companies also provide better offers to married people. Do this: ask an insurance provider and they will tell you about many policies exclusively available to married people. Also, depending on the country of residence married people get tax benefits and breaks in so many things as compared to singles that pay taxes.

Marriage provides you with a partner who’s truly yours

Let’s face it. Couples are much happier when compared to single people. They have a person who cares for them selflessly. Marriage means you will have a partner who will be with you no matter what phase of life you are going through. They will be present at the times when you need motivation and support – A person who cares and matters.

Good Company

Loneliness is a very harsh feeling.  Getting married means you will have a person with you who will care for you selflessly and will love you with all their heart, making you feel like there’s someone who actually cares about you. Keep in mind that loneliness is NOT a reason to get married, marry the person because you love them, not because you’re feeling alone.

Awesome Sex!

Sex is an important part of a marriage and it is what fuels the relationship with passion and feelings.  Marriage means you will be getting frequent sex with a partner who is very much interested in you. Take this chance and go wild!

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