5 Reason’s Why Men Are not as involved in Wedding Planning

If you're anticipating a trip down the aisle with the man of your dreams, you may be frustrated that he’s not getting involved in the wedding planning. If your groom-to-be doesn't seem to have an opinion on cake and wedding colors, don’t take it as a sign that he doesn't want to get married.

Why Men Are not as involved in Wedding Planning

 There are lots of reasons men are not as involved in wedding planning and none of them have anything to do with not loving the bride. Take a look at these 5 reasons men aren’t eager to plan their weddings and you may find you have a little more patience for your intended.

1. Wedding planning is traditionally the bride’s responsibility

Many women have dreamt of their big days since they were little. Wedding planning is the responsibility of the bride, according to society, so many men simply don’t feel the need to interfere. Besides, with the mother-of-the-bride’s help, most details are taken care of anyway.

2. The bride’s don’t ask for help with the planning

Men aren’t mind readers and if you don’t ask for help, they can’t know you want it. Many men simply don’t help with wedding planning because they aren’t asked. If you want your husband-to-be to take an active role in planning your big day, just ask him. He won’t know what your expectations are unless you communicate clearly and tell him what you want him to do. Give him clear instructions, like finding a list of DJs, or calling the venue to put down a down-payment.

3. Men lack the attention to detail that women possess and they know it

If your husband knows his strong suit isn’t putting 15 sugared almonds in a bag and tying mini bows in organza sacks, he’s probably not going to volunteer for the task. In fact, he may think it’s silly and frivolous. That’s not going to inspire him to raise his hand and offer his services. Pick things you think your husband may be good at if you want help with the wedding. Maybe he can assist with menu planning, or come with a play list for the DJ.

4. Weddings are expensive

Men just see the money that they could be spending on something else, like a downpayment on a house. While it’s true that the bride’s family traditionally pays for the wedding, it doesn’t make spending the money any easier for the groom to be. Most men would rather get the money as a gift to put down as a down payment on a new home instead of hosting a big party for people they hardly know.

5. Men simply don’t want the added stress of wedding planning

Let’s face it, figuring out where to seat everyone and coordinating a large-scale party is stressful. Between work and family life, men have enough stress as it is and many don’t want to take on planning a wedding as well. If they can get out of wedding planning, they will as an effort to alleviate stress.

If your husband-to-be doesn’t seem interested in planning the details of your big day, don’t fret. Just because he’s hesitant to plan the walk down the aisle doesn’t mean he’s not eager to meet you at the altar.

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