5 Reasons why Spring Increases Your Sex Drive

It’s not just animals that get the urge to mate when the weather finally starts to warm in the spring. As soon as the temperatures start to rise, so do libidos and many people report their most active sex drive in the spring months. If you feel like the spring weather increases your sex drive, you’re not alone. Read on for 5 reasons why spring can actually boost your libido.

why spring increases your sex drive

1. There’s more hours of sunlight every day

Spring is the season when the days start getting long and that means more hours of sunlight each day. Sunlight is linked to serotonin and feelings of happiness and peace are not uncommon. Happy people are simply more likely to feel in the mood, so more sun means more fun with your spouse.

If you want a natural libido boost, get outdoors. Spend a few hours soaking up the sun while doing something you love like reading, gardening or playing with your kids, and you’ll see how the spring sun can help your love life.

2. It’s warmer, indoors and out

The worst part about having sex in the winter is getting into the cold bed and trying to maintain an intimate relationship with your spouse when all you want to do is bundle up and hibernate. In the Spring, the weather starts to warm up, which makes bed all the more inviting. If you’re not shivering, you’re more likely to be able to get in the mood.

Even before you get to bed, the warmer weather means you’re likely wearing less layers. The less clothes between you and your spouse, the more likely your sex drive is to take off.

3. Everything looks new again

Spring is the season for renewal. The plants perk up, baby animals are born left and right and everything generally looks new. All of the newness outside can make you look at your partner in a new light too. The feeling of newness will translate into an increased sex drive. Humans are programmed to get a thrill out of new experiences and sometimes making love when the Earth is being reborn can be just the new feeling you need.

4. You feel less stressed in the spring

There are a number of reasons that you may feel less stressed in the spring. The dark winter months are over, there are no major holidays and life is generally sailing along smoothly. Stress can be a real libido killer, so the relatively stress-free spring season can be a welcome friend for those who are looking for a little boost to their sex drives.

5. You spend more time awake

leading to an increased number of potential rendezvous. People sleep less in the spring because the days are getting longer. The more time you spend awake, the more opportunities you have to have sex with your spouse. Longer days naturally lead to an increased libido.

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