5 Ways to Read Her Body

Being able to read a woman’s body, and the signs it gives off, is a great skill to hone. This is especially true if your wife is the shy type that doesn’t feel too comfortable explicitly communicating her feelings. Karaz’s Shadi offers a collection of 8 subtle signs to let you in on what’s going on with her. 

ways to read her body

Dilated Pupils

When she’s feeling stimulated by you (not just in a sexual context), her pupils will dilate. This is because the brain wants more of the excitement caused by the stimulation and so it sends a message to the iris to expand and let in more light.

Fluttering Eyelashes

If you sense that she’s blinking more than usual, that could mean that she’s reacting to being on the Pill, and so needs the strong, rugged type of man. So stand tall, square your shoulders and be that person for her.

Fidgety Fingers

A telltale sign of anxiety or depression are fidgety fingers. If you notice that she keeps fidgeting, or that she is biting her nails… simply calm her down by taking her hand and squeeze it tight and hold it, and then feel the tension being released.

Cold Hands

Women generally have colder hands than men—by at least 3 degrees. But they can get colder if she’s stressed out. If you notice her hands are a bit chilly, don’t warm them up. Instead, warm her core by wrapping your arms around her waist.


A relaxed body will display relaxed breathing. To check if she’s relaxed, pay attention to her breathing patterns. If she’s stressed, she’ll be taking shallow breaths, which would be noticeable from her stomach pulling inward when inhaling. If she’s relaxed, her abdomen and chest will expand with each inhale—a sign of a more deep, rhythmic breathing pattern.

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