5 Ways to Set the Right Mood

If you're looking for ways to spice things up in the bedroom and get your spouse interested again, you’re not alone. Setting the right mood and keeping things fun is something that married couples have to do throughout their lives. Many married women think that donning some lingerie will be enough to get their husband excited, but the truth is that lingerie, though nice, is not always the answer. If your idea of romance is a bit of lace, check out these 5 ways to set the right mood and expand your definition of romance for the better.

Ways to Set the Right Mood

1. Set the mood with candles

Overhead lights and lamps can be harsh and unflattering. Set the right mood by turning off the lights and putting out some candles. Candles give off a dim glow that’s flattering for all body types and transforms any space into a romantic oasis.

2. Drown out noises with smooth music

Using a free streaming music site, you can create a personalized station that pipes smooth tunes right into your bedroom. Best of all, most streaming music sites will play continuously, giving you a great selection of tunes to help turn you on.

3. Get comfortable with new bedding

If your marital bed hasn’t had a makeover in a while, now is a good time to throw on some new bedding. Choose something manly, yet cozy to satisfy both partners. Masculine colors like chocolate, charcoal and bronze are good choices for setting the mood. Avoid any bedding that you’d be afraid to mess up or toss on the floor in the heat of the moment.

4. Be vocal about your appreciation for your partner

A compliment or two can go a long way when setting the mood. Something simple like verbal appreciation for your partner’s muscles or hair can boost confidence and get your spouse in the mood for a rendezvous. A flirty message during the day before they get home can up the anticipation and help set the mood for later.

5. Have the chores done early

Many married couples say that a dirty house is a real downer when it comes to their love lives. Help set the mood by having the chores done early, so when your partner walks through the door, it’s a stress-free beginning to the night. As a bonus, you won’t be thinking about the dirty dishes while you’re trying to connect with your spouse.

Use these tips to help set the mood and have an enjoyable night with your spouse. Variety is the spice of life, so don’t be afraid to try any of the tips or mix and match for a memorable evening with the one you love

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