6 Things to Tell Your Gynecologist

Going to a gynecologist, is like going to a confessional…or therapy. You tell your doctor the most intimate of details about your most intimate body part. At least, that’s how it should be. But some women out there are shy. Truth is, if you omit medical information, you aren’t going to get the best treatment. Plus, they’ve heart it all. Embarrassment aside, Karaz’s Yasmin lists the 6 things you absolutely have to tell your gyno. 

If You Can’t Orgasm

The female orgasm is illusive, but if you have a sexual dysfunction (or suspect you might), you should tell your doctor. They can help. It might be an easy fix, or there might be a health problem you don’t know about. Either way, it’s better to know.

If You Sometimes Bleed After Sex

Not just your first couple times—that’s normal. But if this is happening more than once or twice, then you should tell your doctor incase you have a case of infection or dryness. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Your Period is Messed Up Lately

There are many, many reasons your period might be a bit unusual lately. If it’s heavier than usual, or lighter…or you skipped a period, or it came early… your doctor should know. Your period is an important piece of the puzzle.

What Medications You’re Taking

Even if you don’t think it’s relevant—your gynecologist should know. This includes herbal supplements or vitamins. There are many contraindications that can affect you in many ways.

If Sex Hurts

There might be a tilt in your uterus, or you might have vaginal dryness. Many women, including younger women, experience this so don’t be shy. Who knows? It might be because of a medication you’re taking.

Where Your Head is at When it Comes to Pregnancy and Fertility

You shouldn’t only talk to your doctor about these issues when you want to have a baby or if you run into a problem. If you’re thinking about it, talk about it. Get tips, medical advice, or ask about your fertility if you’re worried. Have them tell you about the healthy habits that will help you preserve your fertility and make it easier to try for a baby when you want to.

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