7 Reasons Why Men Say No To Sex

So you’re in the mood, you think it’ll be a great time to surprise him with some spontaneous loving, you get ready, set the mood, put on that sexy lingerie you just bought…and he says no. What? It’s easy to take it personally, and internalize it as a rejection, because yes, it kind of feels like one. But it’s a probable guarantee that it really isn’t you. And it’s not that he doesn’t want to have sex…but maybe right now doesn’t seem like a good time. So why do men turn down sex? Karaz’s Shahrazad lists a few common reasons. 

1. He Ate Something Bad

It’s not you…it’s the digestive process. Maybe he’s about to release some gas and wants to save you from the horror. Maybe his stomach hurts. Maybe he just feels like a zombie who just got out of a food coma.

2. He’s TIRED

You would think sex would get any guy’s adrenaline rushing right? Well, not really. Sex when you’re tired sounds like climbing Mt. Everest. He probably just had a really long day or week and wants to just sleep it off.

3. He’s in Pain

Back pain, neck pain, leg pain…whatever it is…it’s pain. And you can’t really enjoy sex and focus on the good stuff, when pain is taking over your body, can you?

4. He’s Upset

Maybe you fought. Maybe something happened at work. Maybe someone said something that really got to him. If you think it could be about something to do with you…ask.

5. He’s Smelly

Hot day, gym, running around…whatever it is, he is sweating a lot—and it’s not sexy. At least he cares enough not to make you make love while your nose is being tortured.

6. He’s Worried About His Buddy

If a guy thinks that he’s not going to be able to perform well…he wont’ even risk it. It’s normal to have off days, and maybe it’s his performance, maybe he just feels fat. Good news is, there’s always tomorrow.

7. He’s Thinking About Work

Stress is probably the worst thing on earth. And when it makes a home in your mind, it’s hard to let go of. If something is stressing him out, he might not have the energy to be able to invest in some sexy time right now. If he doesn’t want to talk about it, offer him a massage instead. Touch can release stress, and make him a more pleasant person to be around.

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