7 Ways to Sexercise All Week

What is sexercise? It’s Sex-exercise. It’s basically an amazing way to get the exercise you need, while having sex. I think that’s a pretty great alternative to the gym and treadmill routine, and will make your sex life better! So how do you go about doing it? Karaz’s Anisa puts together a list of 7 sexercises to try on your partner, as foreplay or the main event, for every night of the week!

Day 1: Cowgirl

This one is great for your abs. It’s a girl on top, you facing your partner, and moving your hips to work your core and pelvic muscles, while flexing and contracting your abs.

Day 2: Missionary

Missionary is pretty standard, but also great for your core. To get the most out of it, move with equal force to your partner for a harder workout.

Day 3: The Bridge

The Bridge is great for your butt! Like the missionary position, keep your shoulders on the bed while you lie on your back, and lift your back up into an arch like a bridge, keeping your butt as high and squeezed as possible. Relax the rest of your body, and keep the focus on your bottom half.

Day 4: Anti-Gravity

This one is also great for your glutes. It requires your partner to carry you up, with your back against the wall and your arms and legs wrapped around him. Squeezing your butt muscles to stay up and holding onto him is a fantastic workout.

Day 5: Doggy Style

Doggy Style, with you on all fours, can be amazing if you do it while sucking in your stomach to work your abs, and holding yourself up with your arms—toning and strengthening them too! 

Day 6: Wheelbarrow

This is great for your arms, because the most of your weight is support by them. It also works your shoulders because the position requires you to face down, your elbows and arms on the bed, your lower half off the bed, with one leg on the ground and the other for your partner to use for support.

Day 7: Squat

This is, as you might know, great for your legs. Squat over your partners lap, and balance yourself, lift yourself up and down and balance! You can have your partner hold you for extra support—it wont last long, but this exercise will work your quads and calves and burn fat fast!

What positions do you find most engaging as a workout?  

This article expresses the opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Karaz