A Beginners Guide to Sex for Him

Every guy is excited about sex. The time is finally here—you found the one, you fell in love, you got married…now comes the real stuff. So let’s say you’re new to this. That’s ok. But knowing where to start sometimes can be a bit intimidating—that’s why Karaz’s Jad is going to list 6 ways to jumpstart your sex life. It’s all up from there. 

1. Sex Doesn’t Start in the Bedroom

Get creative when you start to do it. Sure, the bedroom is a go-to thing. But keep things interesting by exploring each other around the house. Maybe on a vacation. Maybe explore different parts of her body. Her body, somewhere new, will show you new things.

2. Get Active

Do an activity together. It can be a walk, a hike, a bed and breakfast on the weekend, or maybe something a little bit more adventurous. A bit of danger will release dopamine in her brain, making her more sexually excited. Plus, it will make YOU look more sexually exciting and secure at the same time. Women go crazy for that.

3. Eat Black Licorice Together

It can be in bed, or while watching a movie or having a chat. Studies show that black licorice speeds up her genital blood flow by 40 percent—putting her and her body more in the mood.

4. Her Body is a Wonderland

As the song goes. Forget the normal places…her body has a lot of nerve endings waiting to be stimulated. Check her back, neck and legs for a gentle caress or kiss.

5. Tell Her She’s Beautiful, and Kiss Her Long and Hard

A deep kiss is a beautiful thing. Kiss her long and hard in the morning and at night, with your arms around her holding her near. Match that with a compliment and a comment on how sexy she is—and the passion will not die.

6. Talk About the Future

Women have a primal desire for long-term commitment. If you know what her dreams are, talk about them. Talk about how you want to give her that—and mean it. It will make you the sexiest man to walk this earth to her…and that’s good for the both of you.

This article expresses the opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Karaz