A Prude’s Guide to Sex

There are many things that can enliven any sex life, but, for all the prudes out there, also known as women who are shy about sex, it requires stepping outside of your comfort zone. We realize certain things are easier to fantasize about than to actually perform. Karaz’s Mey suggested a couple of ideas to make sex a lot more fun while still preserving your confidence.

Pillow Talk

Talking dirty could make you feel incredibly absurd, so you may just deem it unnecessary. Talking dirty during sex is definitely a bigger turn-on in the moment, it tells your partner what he’s doing right. If talking feels like too much, start by moaning when he does something you particularly like and work from there. Later, talk softly into his ear and say things that you’re comfortable with. For example, saying things like “I love when you kiss me there,” or “Do that again,” sound natural, are still really sexy in bed, and don’t make you feel completely ridiculous.

Strip Tease

We have all skipped through channels on TV and stopped when we see this perfect woman perform a strip tease for her man, or is that just me? All I can think while watching is that I could never pull that off, or that I would definitely break my ankle in those heels.

First, practice. Every girl has practiced dancing in front of the mirror – Don’t even try to deny it. Practicing beforehand gives you the chance to find the perfect song, outfit, and moves.  Second, make sure you are comfortable in what you put on. Oh, and dress in layers so that there is more to strip off. We aren’t all blessed with gracefulness in heels, and that’s alright. If, like me, you aren’t either, just stay barefoot. It’ll be just as sexy. Besides, it’s really all in the performance. Dim the lights, start the music, and tie his hands behind his back to a chair to make him struggle and wait for it – it’ll be worth your while at the end of the dance. Whisper what you’re going to do to him in his ear a few times and touch yourself wherever you want his eyes to be. All this will just add to his frustration, which is more fun for you.

Experiment At Your Own Pace

Trying new things in the bedroom can be intimidating. You might be nervous about looking like a clown or that your husband will not like it, but try not to be so pious and talk to your husband about it. Communication is vital in all marriages, and that doesn’t exclude the topic of sex. Tell him what you like or what you would like to try, and ask for his opinion, too. If you’re uncomfortable with something he does or wants to do, confess. Come up with a safe word to use when either one of you feels uncomfortable during sex. He should make you feel comfortable about it and not push you to do anything you don’t want to do. Don’t give up on yourself, though. Experiment. You’ll never get good at anything if you’re too afraid to even try in the first place. Dress up as sexy clown, play a bedroom game, try a new position in a new place, because you may just end up loving the very thing you were initially anxious of.

This article expresses the opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Karaz