Affect of Media on Men’s Perception of Women

In a world where the internet and social media are everywhere, many women are losing their self-confidence. Young girls as early as 9 have begun dieting and use cosmetics. Karaz’s Balqees dives into the nitty gritty and explains why.

Well, women plastered across television screens and the internet project an unattainable ideal few women can achieve. Most commercials display beautiful women with thin, attractive figures; unfortunately both males and females begin to compare between the ideal women shown on television and computer screens and their wives at home or themselves. Often women are busy with household chores, child-rearing and work and tend to let themselves go. They forget to exercise, they rarely have the occasion to dress-up and get dolled up.

This discord between the media and reality often puts a strain on relationships, whereby the wives are jealous of their husband’s attraction to strangers, and husbands become resentful of their own wives’ lack of personal care. Men have increasingly begun turning to pornography to fulfill their fantasies and sexual needs; this secret behavior manifests itself in detachment from one another sexually since the husband is inappreciative of his wife’s beauty and finds sexual fulfillment elsewhere. Women begin to feel neglected and unloved.

Newsflash: Not everything you see is real!

Mediums use many tools to give the illusion of perfection and conceal flaws. The stunningly beautiful woman you see has had the benefit of special lighting effects, make-up artists and Photoshop. Many of them aren’t even real, but simply a composite of attractive features combined to create the ‘perfect woman.’ While others’ thin appearance is the result of strict dieting.

Husbands: now take a look at your wife; the woman who gives her all to make sure you’re comfortable and happy. She may occasionally neglect herself, but it’s always in the interest of the family unit. Don’t let the media affect your perception: your wife is the most beautiful woman in the world and she always will be. You can be honest with her and encourage her to make time for herself. Suggest she go to the gym with friends if she’s unhappy with her weight. Most importantly, be encouraging and let her know you accept her as she is and your main concern is her health, not her appearance.

If you insist on allowing the media to sway your perception, tailor it to suit you as a couple and improve your relationship. For example, if you find a particular hairstyle, make-up or clothing appealing, let your wife know, or better yet, surprise her with a spontaneous gift. Let her know although it looks nice on others, it looks even better on her and she epitomizes the ideal of feminine beauty. Sexually, you must be honest and let her know what pleases you and make sure you ask what pleases her. Rather than using the internet to look at strangers, use it learn what turns women on and where her most sensitive body parts are.

Wives: Take better care of yourself! Remember, you’re the glue that holds the family together. Your happiness and confidence is essential to a happy home. Physically, be careful not to let yourself go. Although it’s easy to put your health on the back burner and instead focus on your home, children and husband, your health is a priority! Go to the gym, take a walk andstay active! Make an effort to occasionally dress

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