Affection Equals Relationship Satisfaction

Affection is important. In fact, a relationship void of affection feels like a relationship void of love. That doesn’t mean that you don’t love each other, but as human beings, we need affection. Karaz’s Shahrazad sheds some light on why it’s so vital, why couples that are more affectionate are more satisfied and what you can do to get there too.

According to Psychology Today, studies show that couples that are more affectionate with one another feel more satisfied with their overall relationships. So what is it about physical affection that makes that true? Well, according to participants in the study, they say that physical affection helped them feel more understood and loved. They felt that it reinforces their feelings of intimacy and commitment to one another, and keep that connection alive.

Many couples may not be aware of how important physical affection is, and what role it plays in promoting relationship satisfaction as well as navigating conflict!

So if you knew that physical affection holds all of these benefits, wouldn’t you do it more often? And really…who doesn’t love a good hug and hand holding here and there?

To help you out, Karaz is going to list the 7 types of physical affection that can boost your relationship satisfaction, love, intimacy, and conflict resolution skills—all the while rebuilding bonds and strengthening that emotional connection.









Holding hands


Kissing on the lips


Kissing on the face

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