4 Alternatives to Sex for Your Honeymoon

You've said your wedding vows, cut the cake, danced and left to embark on your first journey as man and wife.

4 Alternatives to Sex for Your Honeymoon

 For many couples, the honeymoon is an exciting time. It’s the first opportunity for couples to experience the physical side of marriage. However, what happens if you’re just not ready for sex? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to be intimate with your spouse on your honeymoon besides having sex.

1. Cuddle

Cuddling is one of the most intimate acts humans can do, which is why it’s a common post-coital activity. When you cuddle, you make yourself vulnerable to your partner, which requires a lot of trust. Take your cuddling up a notch by making it a full-contact sport. Try spooning, cuddling face-to-face and cuddling in a variety of locations. A little bit of pelvic undulations and your cuddling can turn into great foreplay.

Ready to take things up a notch? Start shedding clothes, matching each other piece for piece. Soon you’ll be naked or nearly naked, basking in the glory of skin-on-skin.

2. Give each other a massage

Massages are great for relaxing and getting to know your spouse on an intimate level. Try a full-body massage with as few clothes as you’re comfortable with. Oils and fragrances can be added to increase pleasure. Try massaging the back, shoulders and head for the best experience.

You can also use massagers that vibrate for assistance. There are a variety of small massagers on the market, and depending on where you place them, the experience can be quite pleasurable.

3. Take a shower together

Fun, frisky and romantic, a shower for 2 is a great alternative to sex on the honeymoon. Take turns washing each other, exploring, kissing and enjoying your time together. Plus, there’s nothing quite like a shampoo from your husband. Be warned that it’s very tough for showering together to not escalate into something more.

4. Slow dance to a romantic song

Slow dancing is romantic for a reason. You’re holding each other, moving to the music, touching, caressing and breathing in the scent of one another. The music takes you on a romantic journey and speaks to you in ways you may not be able to do otherwise. While you may feel foolish at first, you’ll get over it and let yourself enjoy the sensation.

Intimacy doesn’t always mean having sex. Take your time to explore your spouse and get to know them on your honeymoon. The things you discover will help solidify your union for years to come.

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