Are Bra’s Bad for Women?

Are you comfortable in your bra? Apparently, there are more problems to certain bras than discomfort and irritation. Studies show that bras can actually be harmful to breasts in the long-term. Karaz’s Sarah explains what exactly these harmful outcomes are. 

According to The Connexion, a 15-year study done in the Besançon CHU in France shows that bras actually have zero benefits to women, and may actually be harmful in the long term. According to this research, women who did not wear bras had firmer and healthier breasts.

So what are the downfalls of a bra? Well for starters…

Breathing Problems

Feeling a bit short-winded? Well, the British School of Osteopathy found that overly tight bras burden bones and muscles, which can lead to breathing problems. The middle ribs are held tight, exhausting the upper ribs.

Sports bras also have their share of problems and can cause breathing difficulties if over-used. They are designed to hold the breasts in place during exercise but are much more constrictive than ordinary bras. They should be worn only on necessary.

Skin Problems

Several studies have shown that hooks from ill-fitting bras can cause lesions or lumps on the skin known as lymphomas. This can be avoided by wearing a bra with a thick back strap with at least two sets of hooks which are padded.

Circulation Problems

The constant wearing of a sports or tight-fitting bra causes breasts to be pushed inwards, leading to circulation restriction which could damage breast tissue.

Back Pain

A badly fitting bra causes inadequate support which will stress the trapezius muscle which connects the neck to the shoulder. This could give you shoulder, neck and back pain due to the constant strain on the muscles.

If you’re ok with feeling good naked, but not quite ready to throw out all your bras yet, then at least make sure you get a good one that minimizes the effects.

What to look for when shopping for a bra:

  • Cushioned and wide shoulder straps to ease pressure.
  • Moulded non-stretch cups which provide maximum breast support without wiring.
  • Easily adjustable shoulder straps to fit your shape.
  • At least two or three hooks.
  • The back band of the bra should be across your mid-back for better support.
  • In short: The most comfortable bra you could find.

Do you experience pain when wearing a bra?

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