Bad Sex Habits

Sex is an important part of the relationship, and having a bad sex life is one major reason why couples are unhappy in their marriages. There are some habits in bed that makes sex somewhat not-great for their partners. Karaz’s Ahmad lists some bad habits for you to avoid.

Bad Sex Habits


We all get distracted at some point, but being distracted in bed is a big no-no. Checking your phone during intimate times is unacceptable. You have a Facebook message? That can wait. Got a new email? Do not check it unless you are sure its important. Stay focused with your partner and be respectful. Men especially have bad habits like this they need to watch out for.

No Intimacy After Sex

Speaking of Facebook – did you know that around 35% of couples IMMEDIATELY check social media and email after sex? Try to avoid being that person because that’s a horrible bad sex habit. Intimacy is important even after sex, having the goal of solely having an orgasm is a sign of a dying sex life. Don’t just walk away after sex, embrace your partner.


It is quite normal for partners to agree on what they both like or don’t like. But having the focus on your pleasure, and your pleasure only all the time is selfish. Don’t be a bad lover. Sex needs two people to work, and if you do not participate on pleasing your partner just because you cannot be bothered will bore and frustrate your spouse.

Making your partner uncomfortable

Sometimes, bad sex can lessen the amount of sex your having. It’s not just about how much sex married couples have, it’s about the quality. Your partner might not be comfortable in some sexual acts that you may like. You can try talking about it with your spouse and agree on what you both are willing to try, but forcing certain acts might make sex an bad experience for your partner. Avoid bad sex habits for a better sex life.

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