Building Character: Hadtih by the Prophet (PBUH)

Being a decent person of good character is of utmost importance in Islam. It is the foundation of our being by which we make choices, judge what is right and wrong, and the blueprint we use to define who we are in this world though our words and actions. Karaz’s Yousef collects an anthology of Hadith from the Prophet (PBUH) on being positive, mastering an ethical and moral compass, and striving to be good through necessary characteristics not only as Muslims for ourselves, but also in our relationships with others.


It was narrated from Abdullah ibn Mas`ood that Allah`s Messenger said: “ I enjoin you to be truthful, for truthfulness leads to righteousness, and righteousness leads to paradise. A person will continue to tell the truth and endeavor to be truthful until Allah records him as truthful. Beware of lying, for lying leads to wickedness (immorality and evil-doing), and wickedness leads to the fire. A person will continue to tell lies, and endeavor to tell lies, until he is recorded by Allah as a liar.”


Abu sawwa arrated that he heared `Imran ibn Husayn report that the prophet said: “Haya` does not bring anything but goodness.”


It was narrated from `Aishah, the wife of the prophet, that Allah`s Messenger said:” O A`ishah, Allah is kind and he loves kindness. He confers upon kindness what he does not confer upon harshness and what he does not confer upon anything else besides (kindness).”


Sufyan ibn `Abdullah ath-Thaqafi related: “I said: O Allah`s Messenger, tell me of something that I can adhere to. He said: Say: My Lord is Allah. Then be firm and steadfast (stand straight). I said: O Allah`s Messenger, what is the thing that you fear most for me? Allah`s Messenger took hold of his own tongue, then he said: This.”


It was narrated from Abu Hunayd as-Sa`idi that the messenger of Allah said: “Be moderate in seeking worldly things, because that for which each (creature) was created will be facilitated for them


It was narrated by Abu Hurayrah that the prophet said: “Richness is not an abundance of worldly goods rather, richness is contentment with one`s self (and one`s lot in life).”


Abu is-haq reported that he heared Abu Abdullah al-Jadali narrate:” I askd `Aishah about the character of the messenger of Allah she said: He was neither obscene, nor uttering obscenities, nor yelling in the markets. He would not return an evil with an evil, but rather he was pardoning and forgiving.”


Abu Hurayrah narrated that the messenger of Allah Said: “Allah will say on the day of Resurrection: where are the two who loved one another for my sake? Today I will shade them with my shade, on a day when there will be no shade but my shade.”


Humayd ibn Abdur-Rahman narrated from his mother that the prophet said: “A person is not lying when he makes up something between two people in order to reconcile between them. Ahmad ibn Muhammad and Musaddad said (in their version): The person is not a liar who reconciles between people and says something good, or conveys something good.”

What characteristics do you think are most important to foster, especially in spousal relationships?

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