Can’t Get it Up? Your Penis is Emotional

Does your junk work fine, but you can’t seem to get it up? Well, it might all be in your mind. Karaz’s Jad talks sex, the male function and how your mood plays a major role in the whole production.

Can't get it up? Your penis is emotional

You might have experienced those moments when, you really want to do something sexual, but you just can’t get it up? And you know for a fact that everything works fine. So is it in the parts? Or is it something else?

Why Can’t you get it up?

Turns out, research shows that there are two main parts of the brain that have a role in the erectile process, so here’s the answer to the “cant get it up” question. The part that processes sensory stimulus (when you see something sexy for example) and the part that is responsible for emotions and motivation.

Sometimes, you can’t get an erection if you have too much on your mind. Even if your sexy wife is half naked in front of you and is being sexual. Stress and emotionality can kill any signals being transmitted to the first part of your brain that processes stimulus. In fact, you can get aroused if you’re emotionally relaxed without the stimulus! So the part of the brain responsible for emotions is super important.

What that means is that your erect penis is actually an emotional response. Human sexuality, according to the majority of psychiatrists, is 99% in the mind.

So the next time you might not be feeling so sexy, or your body just wont respond to anything sexual…talk it out. Take an emotional load off. Relax and figure out what’s wrong so that you can jump back in bed, ready to go!

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