Condom Myths and Facts

There are a lot of myths surrounding one of the most well-known contraceptives. Condoms are used all around the world - as they provide protection from sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies. Believing some of these myths, however, puts you and your partner at risk, as they lead to the misuse of condoms, thus decreasing their effectiveness. Karaz’s Jad explains why.

Condom Myths and Facts

Myth: Two condoms are better than one

Reality:  Using two condoms at the same time does not increase their effectiveness. Even worse – using two condoms makes them more likely to break, which would be caused by the friction of the two condoms rubbing up against each other. Make sure that you only wear one condom at a time.

Myth: Using Vaseline is a good idea

Reality: Extra lubrication is good, and its recommended to use water-based lubricants with condoms. Oil based lubricants could potentially dissolve condoms or reduce their elasticity. Remember that oil-based lubricants are harder to clean, and could cause infections in that area.

Myth: You don’t need a condom as long as you pull out

Reality: Relying on “pulling out” is risky business. Studies have shown that 27 women out of a sample of 100 will become pregnant if this method is used, since it’s not always performed correctly. Even if it’s done right, pre-cum can contain sperm, thus leading to pregnancy, stick with condoms if you are not ready for parenthood.

Myth: My wife uses the pill – therefore I do not need to use a condom

Reality: Sickness or using antibiotics make the pill less effective, increasing the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Also, women should keep track of when they take the pill so that they can stay on track before having sex with no condom.

Myth: Condoms are 100.00% safe

Reality: While condoms are a reliable method for contraception, it is known that condoms are not 100% effective. Studies have shown that condoms are 97% effective when used correctly, and are only 83% effective when NOT used correctly. Be careful.

So, there you have it. Condom 5 condom myths and facts. Which myths did you believe?
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