Date Ideas for Lazy Couples

We have all been there in one way or another. When you and your partner feel like you could use a break from all the fuss around work and all your daily activities, when you are ready to try something non conventional. A kind of romance that doesn't require too much work or effort to impress each other, something that will let you be yourself, let you be relaxed and enjoy the time with your significant other. Believe it or not but getting comfortable with one another and seeming kind of lazy from time to time might not be a bad thing. Some even say that it helps couples grow closer together.

Date Ideas for Lazy Couples

The society that we live in has filled up our brains to an extent that we started thinking if we are not spending enough time on our looks, makeup or not spending enough money to impress each other that we can’t bond nor have fun. But this statement, this idea of always having to do more and more has left us in fear of what we will do next, it leaves us in fear of not knowing how to proceed. The truth is, all you have to do is be ourselves. Here are some suggestions for all the couples interested in how to have a good time even if they became a bit lazy.

  • Breakfast in bed

It might seem like a cliche but if you haven’t done it before and you want to surprise your partner this date idea doesn’t require much.  You only need to get up early enough, preferably do this on weekends. You can even tell them to stay in bed and rest for a while to give you enough time for everything you need to prepare. If you have a platter, enough will and love to make a quick and simple breakfast, be it a sandwich or something that requires a bit of cooking, it will surely surprise them. Talk to them about the interests that you share and keep the conversation positive. It will be a great step in your relationship and as a couple you will feel more connected.

  • Movie and cuddling

You probably have a DVD player, access to Netflix or even a laptop that you can connect via HDMI to your TV, with just a few settings and tweaks you can get the sound to be transferred onto your TV, and viola you have a mini movie theater in your living room. Now all you need to do is gather all the pillows you can find, get a cozy blanket and you are set for a night of enjoyment with each other. Keep in mind that the genre of movie plays a big role.  Choose something that the two of you like , whether it is a comedy, a horror or an action packed thriller, this should be a night for the two of you to relax and enjoy in each others arms.  Be sure to have your favorite snacks and drinks ready and let the movie take you and your spouse on a journey together.

  • (Dis)Connecting

Now, if you are living with each other for some time and have already done a fair amount of things together and are looking for something new. You should definitely try disconnecting everything from the web. Yes I know in this time and age not being with your phone, laptop or computer is almost impossible, having them all around you wherever you go and whatever you do. But believe me if you turn off the rest of the world and just leave one phone so you can be contacted in an the event of an emergency you will start to think of your own ways to have fun, be it cooking together, trying to work together on a mini project for the betterment of your relationship or just casually talking with each other while figuring out what passions you share and how you can achieve your goals together. All of this will bring  you back to the basics of when you met each other and had the courage to take it to the next step. This is guaranteed to bring back memories and make you appreciate them even more.

 Those were our date ideas for lazy couples. What are yours?
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