5 Deadly Sins in Marriage

There is no magic formula to get your marriage to work - relationships are full of difficulties, but they are also filled with joy. The way you treat each other is what actually makes your marriage successful. Throughout your life together you will learn about different deadly sins in a relationship that you will hopefully recognize and avoid. Karaz’ Ahmad will count some to keep an eye out.

deadly sins in marriage
  1. Not Freeing Up Time

Make your time together a priority. Seriously, free up some time for each other. Many couples get caught up with their kids, and other become too into their jobs and hobbies. Truth is – couples who don’t spend quality time together drift apart. Spending time together with your kids and friends is good, but you would still need some alone time.

  1. Lack of Affection

If there’s no affection, then you’re in trouble. Affection is what makes you a couple and not just flat mates. Affection is a really important factor in life; everyone looks for it, especially from the people that they love. Give affection to your partner every day.

  1. Resentment

Sometimes we might feel discontent towards our partner, and it’s usually towards things that they do not know that they do or that it really bothers you. It’s always better to address these feelings or it will get worse, as you will start being very sensitive towards everything they might do or say.

  1. Unreasonable Expectations

Sometimes you could have expectations that are too high – and you wouldn’t even know it. Everyone has an idea of how his or her husband or wife should be. You might expect them to not do stuff that bother you, and to not cause a mess in the house, but that’s okay. Nobody is perfect, and everyone has his or her “moments”, and not everyone can be cheerful and loving at every moment. We’re not saying that you should get rid of your expectations – just lower them when needed.

  1. Constant Jealousy

It’s okay to be a little jealous – it’s hard to control how you feel, but when it starts creating a need to control your partner, then you have a problem. Instead of taking control of your spouse’s life, try to understand the root of the issue and discovering what makes you feel that way. Unnecessary jealousy leads to misunderstanding and unwanted, constant fights.

These are some of the deadly sins in marriage. What other sins can you think of?

This article expresses the opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Karaz