ED-1000: The New Cure for Erectile Dysfunction

Every man with erectile dysfunction (ED) knows that Viagra is a godsend. But there might be a new treatment on its way to fight ED: shock-wave therapy that could cure you for up to 2 years at a time. Karaz’s Shadi reports. 

Research in the past has shown that shock waves to the heart can help new blood vessels form and give your heart a boost. Now, this new therapy wont be shocking your heart—but instead, your penis. Doctors believe that the same effect would be had on the penis: blood vessels could form and in turn increase growth factors and address the issue of poor blood flow.

If you’re already cringing at the idea of getting shock therapy to your penis, don’t worry… doctors say that the therapy, called ED1000 is not painful and has minimal side effects.

The bad news is, it hasn’t been implemented worldwide yet. It’s a relatively new treatment that shows lots of promise however. So far, two-thirds of the men that have ED and have undergone treatment have benefited.

So there’s hope. In the meantime, Viagra is still available and helps 80% of men with ED. So while you wait for the new shock-wave therapy to get to a clinic near you, take care of your penis health, and treat your penis as if you have a bad heart: with lots of exercise, a good diet and smart habits that will protect your erection.

Illustration as seen on The Huffington Post

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