Fact or Fiction: Chocolate is Better Than Sex

You've probably heard at least one person you know quip that chocolate is better than sex. Well, the results are in and… they're right! There is now scientific proof that chocolate is better than bad sex.

Fact or Fiction: Chocolate is Better Than Sex

In the study, Dr. David Lewis, a neuropathologist, gathered 12 young adults and connected them to a series of electrodes that would measure their heart rates and other vitals as they ate dark chocolate and participated in heavy petting with their partners. The first group of participants were first asked to place the chocolate on their tongue and to let the scientists know when it began to melt. The next group of participants came into the lab and began to kiss each other.

The results were surprising. The sensation of the melting chocolate caused a reaction nearly 4 times stronger than the reaction caused by kissing a romantic partner. In fact, the group that consumed chocolate registered reactions in all regions of the brain, while the volunteers in the kissing group did not. While female respondents initially rated their opinions of chocolate significantly higher than male respondents, the body’s response to the chocolate was the same in both genders.

Perhaps this reaction is the reason that chocolate has been considered a luxury food for so long. The Mayans had a strong sweet tooth and are considered the first group of modern humans to consume it regularly. It was hailed as a restorative food, a mood enhancer and a cure-all for a variety of diseases. Burial tombs in Mayan ruins have been found containing pottery with traces of cocoa, suggesting that the food was considered important enough to bury with its owner.

Now for the question everyone is asking – can eating chocolate help your sex life? The answer is a resounding yes. Researchers also found that women that each chocolate regularly have a better sex life than those that don’t. Eating chocolate helps with arousal and satisfaction. The physiological effects are correlated more heavily with dark chocolate than with milk chocolate and scientists are still trying to discern if there are any other health benefits of the famous sweets.

So, the next time you have to choose between a chocolate bar and a quick round in the sheets, you might want to pick the sweet stuff. Your husband can’t possibly complain if you’re putting your health ahead of sex, right? So, eat your chocolate guilt-free and remember that you’re doing it for your health.

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