5 Tips to Avoid Overspending on the Wedding

The big day is near. High expectations just add onto the stress you are already feeling. But Karaz’s Shahrazad suggests a few tips to realize that saving for the future, or putting a down payment on a house is much more substantial than overspending on the big day.

Tip 1—Set Budget Goals

What do you really want to spend your money on? First off—be honest with yourself. Are you trying to impress guests? Are you splurging more than what you’d like? Don’t. This is YOUR day. Forget peer pressure and do what will make you happy, on the day and after. Relax so you can look your best and have a blast without extra worries for others.

Tip 2—Contingency Cushion

Go ahead and create your budget. Once you’re done, go back and cut out what you can to create a cushion for surprise costs. Knowning that you have extra money “just in case”, will help you relax and not stress out because you never know what might pop up out of the blue. If you’re not great at finance, get someone who is great to help you out and explain what you are, and are not willing to do with your budget.

Tip 3—Delegate the Budget

Don’t try to take everything on yourself. Instead of registering for china plates, use the opportunity for wedding gifts and ask your friends and family to take on something on the wedding budget. Don’t flat out ask for flowers or the cake, but you can make a list of things and list prices, or just ask for a ‘financial wedding contribution’ instead of gift you might not want/use anyway.

Tip 4—Keep it Simple

Again, don’t go overboard. Stress is the last thing you need. So think of where you can keep things simple. For example, instead of planning out an elaborate menu, opt for a buffet—it’s cheaper with more options. Choose spring flowers instead of exotic ones as they will last long. Find a local musician. Keeping it simple will keep your blood pressure down—and that’s good.

Tip 5—Don’t’ Go Off the Rails

Stay on track by checking into your budget once a week. That way you’re not stressing out about it every day, and you can have a fresh perspective every week on where you can save a few bucks here and there. This is a time to relax, and celebrate. So you don’t need the extra drama.

Remember, this is your day. Do you. Do it smart. Make it fun.

This article expresses the opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Karaz