Foreplay 101

Foreplay is known as the ‘set of intimate psychological and physical acts between two people meant to create and increase sexual arousal’. It’s the ‘appetizer’ if you will, before the main meal…the opening act before the main show. And a lot of times, it’s overlooked.

Now for some, foreplay can be a bit of a mystery. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be a bad one. Foreplay is not an ‘exact science’. There is no right or wrong combination to follow, and is actually different for every individual. It is a great opportunity to explore and learn about your partner’s body, figure out what turns them on, and make sex that much more hot and steamy for the both of you.

It’s important to keep in mind that sex isn’t just about intercourse. Having great chemistry, and as a result, great sex, is about being in sync with your partner and being on the same level. Foreplay allows you to do this by creating a mood of desire and attraction that will set the stage for intercourse.

For women, foreplay is especially important because it takes longer to reach orgasm than men. It allows a woman to prepare mentally and physically for sexual intercourse. Since women don’t receive the same amount of stimulation from intercourse as men do, a lot of times, sex alone is not enough. If she is aroused however, and feeling comfortable and secure, the lower her inhibitions and the more ready her body will physically be for intercourse itself.

So how to go about starting out? While men are visual creatures, sex for women starts in the brain. Compliment her as a person, and tell her how beautiful she is. Telling her she’s sexy will boost her confidence and excitement and make her that much more engaged.

Undress her slowly, stroke, massage and kiss her body all over. Take your time and remember that putting in the effort early, let’s her known that you care about her satisfaction as well, that her needs are just as important as yours, and it trust me when I say it will pay off in the end.

Women, this is a great time to use those ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ to tell your husband what works and what doesn’t without having to explicitly state it, which, let’s admit can be a bit intimidating.

Which means men, take the time to listen and pay attention to her reactions to figure out her hot spots. Don’t be shy to explore erogenous zones that you normally overlook. Listen to your wife’s cues and signals, and learn to read her body. The more in-tune you are with your partner, the more likely you both are to enjoy it. If your woman is sexually satisfied, it is more likely she’ll want to return the favor. I’d say that’s a win-win for all.

Foreplay is meant to be fun and sensual, and a skill to be developed. It is an intimate act that prolongs the enjoyment. So relax, get the blood flowing to all the right places, intensify your desire for sex and take it from being good, to explosive.

This article expresses the opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Karaz