Honest Questions Your Future Spouse Should Be Able To Answer Pt. 2

Marriage is a big deal. It’s a serious endeavor. And that lovey-dovey honeymoon love will fade with time. Your love will change. Your lives will change. Your marriage will change. Marriage in real life is not what you imagine. So before you take the leap, make sure you ask your spouse-to-be the important foundational questions. Figure out where your expectations lie, what promises you’ll make, and get down to the real meat of the issues. Karaz’s Aisha lists the questions every couple should want honestly answered, in the second of this two-part article. 

8. Will you be a good parent? 

No one knows what parenting is like, until they have a child. But wanting to be a good parent, is what will make that person a great parent. So all you need, is the intention. You can discuss how you want to raise your children, and what your expectations are.

9. Will you reassure me?

You know when someone loves you…but sometimes, it’s nice to just hear it said out loud. Will your spouse-to-be, be able to remind you how much they love you? The reassurance, supported by action will create a sense of security and support within a relationship long-term.

10. Will you promise to support me if I can’t support myself?

Support comes in different forms—emotional, psychological, physical and financial. No one knows what the future will bring, and so having that reassurance that the person you want to marry will support you if you become disabled or are weak emotionally, or you lost your job—is a big deal. Will he/she fight for the both of you?

11. Will you promise to still be you?

Of course people change over time. But who they are, is who they are. It’s important that your spouse-to-be promise to take care of themselves, so that they can take care of you and vice versa. Will they still pursue their personal goals and dreams? Will they hold onto their hopes, dreams and wants? The very things that attracted you to them in the first time? Will they do the same for you?

12. Will you not let yourself go?

It’s important to stay healthy. Will your partner go to the doctor, take their medicine, and take care of their diet and exercise? This isn’t about the superficial. It’s about knowing that the person cares enough about themselves because it will affect the relationship. People who let themselves go, stop caring. Once that happens, a marriage can end. So they need to be responsible for their being, and in turn, their partner and family unit.

13. Will you stay with me till the end?

If you die first, you want to know that they will be there for you till the very end. It’s a morose topic, but one that should be discussed. Will they go through the process with you? To be there for your last breath? You want to know, because no one wants to leave this world alone.

What burning questions do you think every couple should ask before getting married?

This article expresses the opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Karaz