How to Boost Your Self Esteem Series Pt.3

Karaz’s Shahrazad has put together a 3 part series of tips to boost your self-image, self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem. Implement them into your life slowly, and you will build a better you. Remember, the power is in your hands. You just need to do it. Welcome to part three.


Find Solutions.

Instead of complaining, focus on how you can fix a problem. There is no problem without a solution. Shift your focus, and always think, “How can I solve that?” Eventually, you’ll run out of excuses.


Seriously, smiling is an amazing trick. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, when you do it, your brain registers that you are happy. That’s a great simple way use a booster for a down moment.

Give Thanks.

Gratitude is so important. When you can look at your life and give thanks for what you have, you change your perspective. You start to see the positive. It’s rewarding and humbling and will help you improve your self-image.


Exercise can do wonders to boost your self-esteem, for the obvious reasons. But also, move in terms of get yourself off the couch and literally do something. Sometimes you have to push yourself, and you’ll never regret it. You make a mistake? It’s ok…don’t stop. Get up and do better. Don’t procrastinate—you need to push yourself.

Knowledge is Power.

Read, find strategies, talk to people, browse online and learn something new. Knowledge will make you feel confident, empower you and it will go towards investing in your overall better self.

Tidy Up.

Your environment plays a big role. Tidy up your space, clear a desk and organize your surrounding. It will make you feel more under control, peaceful and calm.

What habits do you have that help you boost your self-esteem? I would love to hear how you’ve progressed!

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