How to Compromise in Marriage

Marriage is about sharing your whole life with your significant other. From cleaning dishes to life changing decisions - your partner is with you all the way and a lot of things that you do involve your life partner one way or the other. Compromise is a part of the relationship that cannot be avoided, but not everything can be sacrificed for your loved one, and compromise needs to built around fairness and understanding. Karaz's Mira lists 4 ways to compromise as a married couple.

How to compromise in marriage

1- Discuss your Expectations

Talk about the things you expect from your partner in the relationship when it comes to sex, chores, activities, and so on. Explain what your ideal balance is and listen to your partner’s point of view. It is important to understand that your standards for fairness are not the only ones that matter, and that you need to balance your expectations in a way that works for both of you.

2- Explain Your Needs

It is pretty frustrating to see your partner not getting the hint when it comes to doing the things he or she “should” know on their own. Instead of starting a fight on how your partner did not do the dishes make sure that you both discuss what chores need to be done for the day. Be direct and make sure your partner understands your point of view when it comes to your needs.

3- Mutual Respect and Appreciation

Relationships revolve around love, respect, understanding and appreciation. Everyone likes feeling that they are appreciated. Remind your spouse of how much you love them and that you appreciate what they do for you. Appreciation builds trust and starts a flow of gratitude and it helps you in understanding and expressing yourselves to each other even more.

4- Things Can Change

Both of you are going to grow with the relationship. In just a few years everything can change and you will be faced with new decisions and dilemmas. Your marriage will evolve as life changes. Whether the change comes from finding a new home or a new addition such as having a new baby – you will always need to be ready to discuss your relationship with your spouse whenever you see that there are new things that need to be taken into consideration within the relationship. Talk about what you expect from your spouse and do not forget to keep the romance alive between you two when you feel that things are not the same anymore. Take your spouse out or plan a romantic dinner, and remind them that you’re there for better and for worse.

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