Infidelity in Marriage – Why Do People Cheat?

Cheating, not on a final exam, but on your spouse is a fear that many people have.  Temptations are all around us, and lets face it, humans are weak.. It’s a scary reality that even in harmonious relationships, where a person feels like they have provided everything for their partners, yet infidelity still might be lurking in the shadows.

why do people cheat

The truth is, cheating is becoming more of an issue in relationships, which begs the question: Why do people cheat? It’s actually more complicated than you think. Here are some reasons why people cheat:

  1. Rationalizing Their Own Behavior

It’s part of human nature to rationalize the things we do in order to justify our actions and to lessen the guilt. This is why humans in general might do something that is bad for them, or for others, while knowing the consequences;  they end up justifying their actions, providing excuses to themselves so that it doesn’t seem so bad. This is a behavior common amongst cheaters. “Cheating is wrong, but I’m a good person, and I respect my spouse.”

  1. Avoidance

Avoidance happens when the person withdraws from the relationship, and this is usually caused by societal stress and fear of not living up to the relationship. When marital life starts developing problems, some spouses just “back away” instead of having a firm stance towards the relationship.

  1. Disappointment

Some spouses go for infidelity as a result of disappointment. People usually have high expectations towards their spouses, and when the relationship constantly fails to live up to what they want in that period of time, one possible reaction is trying to find an escape in an attempt to deal with disappointment.

  1. Addiction

Yes, this is an excuse used by most cheaters to justify their actions. But the truth is, this might be the case. Persons that have an addiction to sex can form a  dodgy, unhealthy, or even a risky sex life. Studies show that 30 million people are thought to have sex addiction in the United States alone. There are facilities and programs that can help overcome and treatsex addiction, but most of the Middle East population does not have access to such facilities.

  1. Performance Anxiety

One US study in Bloomington University concluded that one reason for infidelity is the fear and stress of not being able to perform in bed, and having to meet their expectations. Being intimate with someone with no strings attached gives cheaters the freedom  to be more open sexually, without having to care for their sex partners needs.

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