Insecurities in Bed. What Can You Do?

Everyone has their share of insecurities, they could be about our physical appearance or our performance in bed.

Insecurities in bed

These insecurities might be simple hang ups which appear for a short period of time, then disappear. But for some people, they are an underlying reason for an individual to develop anxiety. Karaz’s Jad gives advice on how to get over your insecurities in bed.

Find the Core of the Issue

Sure, you could say that you’re feeling insecure because of how you perceive your body, or because you’re not sure of your ability to perform. While this explains what your insecurities are, it doesn’t explain why you have them. Did you go through a bad experience in the past? Have you always felt this way, or did this fear appear recently? Understanding what is bothering you is the first step to beating your insecurities.

Be Yourself

Always aim to change yourself to the better, according to the standards that you put for yourself. Never make decisions about your life based on others. If it bothers you that you gained a little bit of weight, work on losing it for yourself, not because someone else pointed it out. When it comes to body image, how you view yourself is what matters the most.

 Talk to Your Spouse

Your spouse knows you best, so why not talk about it with them? You never know, maybe your partner already knows that something is wrong but doesn’t know what it is. Express how you feel – and perhaps that would give you a new way to look at it. If your partner talks to you about their insecurities, make sure that you listen well, and that you are understanding. Try to find solutions together!

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